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At VDM Vending LLC, we believe that our customers only deserve the best!

Take advantage of our profit sharing program which provides an additional stream of revenue for you organization. This is done by providing a portion of the sales to you from the vending service provided at your location. This program is based on a percentage that is to be paid out monthly. Percentage of revenue shared will be determine by the item price in your vending machines. Here are just a few of the key benefits and features that our vending machines provide:

  • Cashless payments: Can use credit/debit card or even mobile wallet
  • Wireless Monitoring: Our smart vending machines report what is purchased and what needs restocking on a remote basis.
  • LED lighting: Save on energy costs with improved lighting and Energy Star rated vending machines.
  • A Wide Variety of Snacks & Beverages.
AMS Healthy Vending Machine

AMS Healthy Vending Machine*

Great for any location where healthy foods are in demand. It vends fruits and Read more..

*subject to availability

AMS Visi-Combo Snack & Drink

AMS Visi-Combo Snack & Drink*

First released into the market in 1998, this is still one of the most popular vending Read more..

*subject to availability

AMS Snack Vending Machine

AMS Snack Vending Machine*

The Snack Machine is built with the right choices of state-of-the-art manufacturing Read more..

*subject to availability

Mercato 5000 Snack Vending

Mercato 5000 Snack Vending*

The Mercato 5000 glass front snack merchandiser incorporates all the Read more..

*subject to availability

Crane Media Merchant Combo

Crane Media Merchant Combo*

The Merchant Media Combo glass front snack merchandiser incorporates all Read more..

*subject to availability

Combo Plus V.5 Snack & Drink

Combo Plus V.5 Snack & Drink*

The new versatile solution for vending snacks, candies, food (optional) Read more..

*subject to availability

Alpine ST3000 Snack Vending

Alpine ST3000 Snack Vending*

The Alpine ST3000 glass front snack merchandiser incorporates all Read more..

*subject to availability

AMS Combo Snack / Drink Vending

AMS Combo Snack / Drink Vending*

With the AMS 39" Drink-Snack "VISI COMBO" you can vend a Read more..

*subject to availability

Bevmax Media Touch Beverage

Bevmax Media Touch Beverage*

The BevMax MEDIA Touch provides the ultimate cold drink Read more..

*subject to availability

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